History of Folk's Butterfly Farm

The Folk family has lived in rural Nescopeck, PA since 1988.  David, Joan, Kristie and Adam have always enjoyed the outdoors.  In fact, from a young age Adam enjoyed collecting Monarch caterpillars and watching their fascinating transformation.  This fascination continued when Kristie needed a SAE project as part of her FFA membership.

In 2004, it was suggested to David by Claudia Mikula, wife of Rick Mikula (Mr. Butterfly) that Kristie raise butterflies for her SAE project.  "I kind of thought he was nuts" said Kristie, who was a sophomore at Central Columbia High School at the time.  She proposed the project to her FFA advisor Curt Turner.  He said "You want to do what?"  Kristie explained the project and from there it took wings.

The Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is part of the FFA program that is an inter-curricular activity in many schools nationwide.  The program is designed to provide an opportunity to explore different career and technical fields available in the agricultural industry.  Kristie began raising butterflies in an effort to earn her Keystone degree.  She then went on to compete in the STAR program in the category of Agri-Business and continued on to earn the American degree, the highest degree offered by the FFA. 

Folk's butterfly farm is now branching out.  Kristie and Eugene Good were married in September of 2012, adding to our family.  Kristie is currently an instructor of Agricultural Education at Central Columbia High School in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Along the way the butterflies have grown from a school project to a butterfly release business and now an educational farm.  We provide butterflies for many special occasions and educational services to students both young and old.

We now offer a butterfly themed rental property for all your events.  Including gardens and a flight house, where you can feed the butterflies in season.