Help Save the Monarchs!
Tropical Milkweed a danger? Not True!

     Several groups have filed a petition with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to list the Monarch Butterfly as an endangered species.  The decline in the Monarch population is greatly influenced by loss of habitat in the US and Mexico.  The Monarch’s only host plant is Milkweed.  As the supply of milkweed dwindles, so does the Monarch population.  The Monarchs need more milkweed, not protection under the Endangered Species Act.  The ESA will make it ILLEGAL to raise Monarchs in classrooms, camps, libraries and even your home.   

     The petition to list the Monarch as an endangered species is primed to do more damage to the Monarch population than anything to date. Chip Taylor of Monarch Watch has already proven that an increase in habitat produces an increase in population. As milkweed is the ONLY source of food for the Monarch caterpillar, it goes to say, NO milkweed equals NO Monarchs. We live in a large farming community and if this petition looks like it will become law, EVERY farmer in the area will go running to Monsanto to purchase enough RoundUp to kill EVERY milkweed plant in sight BEFORE the act goes in to effect to prevent the government from taking control of their land.
     The next devastating effect of the ESA act will be the reduced numbers being released by Schools, Citizen Scientist, Garden Clubs and everyone that just loves butterflies. If this is passed, it will be ILLEGAL to have any contact with this insect or its habitat.
     The petitioners suggest that schools and other centers that teach about the butterfly life cycle should collect eggs or larva from the wild. Are we to deprive every student that does not live in a country setting the opportunity to learn about this creature? The students that need the contact with nature the most will no longer have access to it as it will be ILLEGAL to send stock these schools.
     To summarize the effects of the ESA act: We will have fewer host plants and fewer Monarchs! The exact opposite of what is desired. Solution......Plant Milkweed and stop this ESA act.

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